Customers Measure Success on one of more of these criterias

At a high level:

  • Is the project in production?
  • Is the product producing revenue?
  • How long since development I could get the product to generate revenue?
    • Sometime agile products iterate for a very long time and when finally released end up looking like a waterfall effort.
  • How much did i spend in developing a story point or a use case?
  • What was planned and how much did I end up spending?
  • Is the product in a decent shaped to take it to market?
  • How often has the team delivered value?
    • One of the key aspects of agile development is to pick stories that provide value to the business from very early on. It is critical for the success of agile projects that there is a balance of stories from just a feature that enhances a functionality to one that can generate revenue.
  • Number of level one of two defects?
  • Are all the stake holders satisfied?
  • What are the customers saying?
  • Have we increased the customer response time?

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