1. Come prepared to answer three questions and be in time – What did I do yesterday?, What Am I doing today?, Any Impediments?
  2. This is not a status report. This is your time to share thoughts with the team, so that they know where you ( or your pair) are and can act accordingly. This is also your time to ask for help and to offer help when asked.
  3. Address your team in a loud voice, and don’t report to the project manager
  4. All pigs -Stand in a circle around visible indicators like task board, impediment chart and a phone for those dialing in. All Chickens – Stay away and be quiet. After the stand up you can speak too.
  5. Keep it short. No standup should go more than 15 minutes.
  6. Bring at least one impediment to the stand up.
  7. Pick a pairing partner.
  8. Make sure the product owner is always there.
  9. If this is a distributed team do stand ups separately in the two places and then use another standup to report cross team activities later in the day.
  10. Do this first thing in the morning and may be last thing in the day with distributed teams.

This is a standup, so don’t sit.

Stand up

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