Thirteen Forms of Shared Leadership

“Secrets of Agile Teamwork” by Esther Derby and Diana Larsen.

Leadership Role Responsibility of Role

  1. Instructor Answers Questions and Supplies Data
  2. Follower Provides Support and Encouragement
  3. Coordinator Links and Integrates Data
  4. Peacemaker Works for Harmony and Compromise
  5. Gatekeeper Maintains Working Agreements and Discipline
  6. Monitor Makes sure relationships are working
  7. Pioneer Asks questions and Seeks Data
  8. Influencer Initiates working agreements and team culture
  9. Commentator Explains and Analyzes Data
  10. Promoter Helps and Encourages Quiet Members
  11. Critic Evaluates and Analyzes Relevant Data
  12. Reviewer Periodically Checks and Corrects
  13. Devil’s Advocate Deliberately looks for alternative and oppositional views