As a Team Member of an Agile Team, we are always looking to understand what behaviours we should encourage and see practised within a high-performance Agile Team. Here is a list of 14 behaviours that as a team member you should model. I once learned this from an Agile expert. Be the example you want others to be.

  1. Instead of complaining always having a “Bias Towards Action”.
  2. Watching out for team members who need help and pairing with them to get work done.
  3. Not blaming others outside of the team for what the team has done.
  4. Taking the time to understand users.
  5. Letting go of control and Trusting the team to get things done.
  6. Making sure no one works on things that do not fit a sprint goal.
  7. Not working on one-off projects without others knowing about it.
  8. Giving the team enough free time and not demanding overtime all the time.
  9. Coaching each other on how to receive feedback
  10. Saying No and saying “If it’s not in the backlog we don’t know”.
  11. Not compromising on quality.
  12. Being on time.
  13. Following core hours as a practice to do work.
  14. Making sure everyone in the team is giving open and constructive feedback
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