Scrum Essentials

What is Scrum?

Role:  Scrum Product Owner

Role: ScrumMaster

Role: Team

Artifact: Working Agreement?

Artifact: Product Backlog

Artifact: Sprint Backlog

Artifact: Definition of done?

Artifact: Definition of ready?

Event: Sprint Planning Defined

What is the most important role in the Scrum team?

Paper napkin design?

What is MosCow Rule?

Measuring success in agile projects?

How do we do effective Daily Scrum?

How do we select velocity?

How do we measure productivity?

What is 13 forms of leadership?

What is the relationship between user stories and use cases?

What is a story point?

Can we change the length of a sprint?

How soon can we see improvements when we start using Scrum?

How can I estimate on something I know nothing about?

What are different techniques to size stories?

What is a ScrumMaster mission statement?

What is a book list for agile teams?

Is there an Agile meeting cheatsheet?

What is a ideal source structure for a .NET project that is agile?

What are product owner teams and how do we set them up?

What is metascrum?

What is the relationship between story point and complexity?

  1. What is a self-organizing team?