Vibhu Srinivasan has been an Agile expert for over a decade.

As a Certified Scrum Trainer, Sought out Speaker, Passionate developer, an  Agile coach, he works with customer organizations of all sizes to enhance agility and implement the Agile mindset.

Known for his leadership skills, Vibhu has directed offshore distributed team development and managed large projects from both sides of the Pacific. A skilled software developer, he has the depth of experience in virtual computing, gaming, financial systems, engineering, and architecture.

In his 16 years as a Senior Technologist, Vibhu’s roles have included Chief Architect, Business Analyst, Technical Lead, and Developer across multiple industries. He got his first taste of Agile when he began practising Extreme Programming (XP) in 1997. His extensive technical background covers virtualization in the cloud, Semantic Web, online gaming, .NET stack, J2EE stack, Web 2.0, enterprise application integration, and various other software development methodologies. An ardent test-driven developer, he writes code in Java, C#, and C++. He has also dabbled in the Rails and Grails stacks.

Certified Scrum Trainer and Passionate Agile Engineering Practices Trainer

As a trainer, Vibhu goes beyond Scrum and explains the techniques Agile practitioners need to understand to be successful. He is well known in India and the United States for his engaging and humorous teaching style. Vibhu’s sound knowledge about the local market and its culture creates a delightful learning atmosphere for his students. He teaches engineering practices such as TDD with the same passion and expertise as he teaches Scrum and Kanban.

Enterprise Agile Coach

As a coach, Vibhu works as part of the SolutionsIQ’s Agile Consulting team. He works with

– Enterprise Agile Transformation

– Implementing Scrum for product and service organizations

–  Help with Engineering practices

– Lean Consulting

– Startups

Vibhu has an MBA in Strategic Management from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business, and an Electrical Engineering degree from Karnatak University, India.

Vibhu helps organizations in

Agile Transformation, Leadership coaching, Engineering Coaching, Scaling Agile, Lean Kanban Consulting.

Scrum Training and Agile Coaching Testimonials

Vibhu is an excellent coach and very good speaker. His mode of training is very interesting and keeps the audience attention on the subject. He uses some very innovative method to keep the training structured. He is able to reach out to the business and technology groups in a similar fashion and has excellent knowledge of Scrum framework. I will highly recommend him for Agile-Scrum training.”

Niraj Kumar |  PMP

MicrosoftVibhu knows the subject well, is clear about what he says, does not unnecessarily articulate things which he does not know. I enjoyed his way of teaching.”

Rajeev | Microsoft

Vibhu was very effective. The most important session for me was ScrumMaster roles and knowledge on sizing.”

Nirmala | ADP

Certified Scrum Trainer Bryan Stallings, SolutionsIQVibhu is a skilled coach and trainer for agile teams and their leadership. He is unique in that he is recognized by both technical staff and managers as a subject matter expert of their respective domains, and as such he is effective at consulting on organizational change initiatives where technology, engineering practices, product development processes, and human beings intersect.

Vibhu combines his skills as a coach, trainer and speaker with his passion for effective teams to gently guide those who engage with him to a path through change to greater success.” 

Bryan Stallings | Certified Scrum Trainer

Vibhu is an expert in Scrum framework that is able to blend theoretical aspects of the framework with practical applicability to customer specific situations. He is able to bridge the business and technology groups well, clearly read what works well and doesn’t, and identify creative solutions that address organization needs. His customer focus, results-oriented approach is a great win and asset for any organization that needs his Agile Coaching services.” Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.  

Kangesh | Hired Vibhu as a coach in 2009

Evri logo

“Vibhu had responsibility for bridging product and program management, and providing daily technical and project support to the team. In particular, Vibhu brought very strong scrum and agile skills to the organization. He was an adept ScrumMaster, coordinating the 2-week sprint cycles with skill and precision. Although I’d worked in “agile” environments before, Vibhu was a great mentor and helped me develop a more fine-grained understanding of the ins and outs of Scrum. Vibhu does more than just talk the talk, he has direct, hands-on experience delivering products successfully using agile methods.”   

Jessica Scheibach | Senior Director Product | EVRI.com

CA logoVibhu is fantastic. I loved his way of teaching. Very interactive session. That is why I did not feel sleepy even after a good lunch.”

Monawar | Computer Associates

Vibhu is the best trainer.”

Anil | Hyderabad

“Real life examples that the instructor provided were the most enjoyable. Vibhu knows how to keep the crowd engaged and when to stop/break and for now long.”

Jayavani | Hyderabad

List of technologies he dabbles in:




  1. Extreme programming
  2. Scrum
  3. Kanban
  4. Iterative
  5. Whatever works for a startup


  1. Test-Driven Development
  2. Java
  3. J2EE
  4. Ruby on Rails
  5. Tomcat
  6. C#
  7. Spring Framework
  8. ASP.NET
  9. WCF Webservices in .NET and Java
  10. Contract first design and development
  11. C++ on Sun Solaris
  12. MQ series(JMS)
  13. Entreprise library(.NET)
  14. Struts (MVC)
  15. Test-driven development
  16. NUnit, JUnit
  17. Hibernate, NHibernate
  18. Log4J, Log4NET
  19. Document transport and reporting system
  1. Cloud Computing
  2. Semantic Web
  3. Online Game services for massively multi player online games.
  4. Real time systems
  5. Insurance quoting systems in Java and .NET
  6. Payroll Systems
  7. Railroad automation real-time system
  8. Voice-activated brokerage systems
  9. Computer automated railway dispatch system
Companies that have benefitted from his expertise in training and consulting

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