Working together as one team is the new norm to build Products

Scrum is a { Product } development framework

The Scrum Framework is built around a highly collaborative team called a Scrum team. This team builds the product in a small time-boxes called a Sprint. A Sprint is typically two weeks

Why Scrum?

  • For teams, Scrum gives the ability to own the Products Shared Vision and brings a collaborative culture to product development.
  • For Management, Scrums concept of Scrum Teams creates predictability in the system. It makes all the work in the organization visible and transparent

How To Scrum ?

With proper planning , any team can start using Scrum to do thier work in less than a week

  1. Pick a concept to build or create
  2. Form a cross-functional team ( not more than 8)
  3. Identify one person to prioritize the work of the team
  4. Identify one person to remove impediments
  5. Write down all the features to build in the product in a list
  6. Pick a few items to work from the top of this list
  7. Work for two weeks as one Scrum Team to build those features
  8. Get feedback from stakeholders about the features built.
  9. Improve some things about the process for our next sprint
  10. Start the next sprint

What to Scrum?

These are some of the kinds of work Work can we do using the Scrum Framework . Also captured are the necessary conditions we need to do Scrum well.

  1. Kinds of work where working as a team make more sense than working individually. So writing a story or playing the guitar will not qualify
  2. Kinds of work where team members can learn from one another
  3. Works that require us to unleash the creative potential of everyone involved to solve complex problems
  4. Kinds of work where the customer can wait for at least one or two weeks.
  5. Work where all the upfront design and architecture is not fully known and frozen upfront like building a bridge or large building.
  6. Software development is the place where scrum started and is widely used even today.
  7. Research kind of work, e.g medical research where teams work together to tap new value.
  8. Many schools, some churches and religious organizations, news channels use Scrum, how they manage the work of the school or its leadership programs.
  9. In many homes, Scrum is practised to manage the work of all the members of the home, day to day chores.
  10. Many startups, app development teams now use Scrum
  11. Others traditional parts of organizations like HR, Marketing, Sales , Business have explored Scrum with varying degrees of success.

The Golden Circle ( Simon Senek )

A team is not a group of people that work together , but a team is a group of people that trust each other

Simon Sinek ( author of the book starting with the why )

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