Templates and documents:

  1. Agile Meeting Cheatsheet – A simple doc that can be used by Scrum masters to manage meetings
  2. Agile Bookshelf Cheatsheet –  A list of must have books for agile teams.
  3. Product Owner team defined – This document can be used for setting up product owner teams
  4. Metascrum Defined –  Metascrum defined.
  5. Scrum Wall Chart – This makes a neat visible board in a team room. You will have to take it to FedEx Kinkos and get it mounted on a large board and you are good to go.

Here are some sample templates that you can use in agile teams.

Scrum Task board ( Excel Template ) – This is a very simple template that can be easily modified to further suit the needs of a scrum master
Scrum Task board ( Excel Template ) – Reporting and tracking in Agile Project

Project Management Tools

This is a superb online agile management tool. This fits well with Scrum and Agile. Has a webservices API for integration with source control and build system. The user interface is intuitive. The task board follows a similar approach to the Scrum taskboard. The visual aspect is missing. Does really good burndown and defect management. Export feature is quite good too. Community edition is free to use.

If you are the kind who likes the feel of sticky notes on the wall, this tool will be close. Has great visual features coming very close to real world
. Upto five users are always free to use.

Scrum For Team System This is a plugin for Visual Studio Team .

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