Leadership Models and Books

As an Agile leader I find it useful to be reading books on leadership and models I can learn from. Here are recommended reading if you are a leader working with people. 7 Habits of Effective People Primal Leadership or Emotional Intelligence ( Goleman) The fifth Discipline  ( Senge) Fierce Conversations (Scott) Good TO Great ( Collins) Difficult Conversations ( Harvard Negotiation Project ) Drive (Pink) The Servant (Hunter) The Power of TED ( Emerald) The 5 Dysfunctions of a team ( Lencioni) Focusing In Clinical Practice – The Essence to Change Reinventing Organizations ( Frederic Laloux) The 3rd Alternative … Continue reading Leadership Models and Books

How much to jump?

I was talking to a very senior exec of  US Corporation who was comparing his India Agile team with the Brazilian Agile team and I was really amazed the way he said it. That got me writing this article as I think he is right. Here is what he said – I ask my teams in India to Jump they ask how high. I ask my teams in Brazil to jump, they ask why?” Is this really true? 1) Are teams in India allowed to ask Why ? 2) Is it a cultural thing that asking why is considered socially … Continue reading How much to jump?

Request your contribution to Scrum Awareness In India

State of Scrum In India Hello my name is Vibhu Srinivasan and some of you may know me. I am passionate about Agile practices and practice agile in everything I do from running  business to helping at home.  I am presenting on a topic called “Is Scrum For India” in the upcoming Scrum Gathering India to be held in Pune on the 26th and 27th of July 2013 In order to faciliate the session, I am trying to gather some data to really understand if scrum is working for teams in India. I feel you could help. To do this, … Continue reading Request your contribution to Scrum Awareness In India

Agile India Conference – A wake up call for India

Here is a quick statistic for you. Here is a list of speakers in Agiel2013 India conference starting tomorrow as a much publicized expensive show. While it is an honor to have so many awesome speakers from across the world some of the best in the industry it is indeed sad that more than 90 percent of these speakers do not work closely with teams in India. This means there are absolutely no credible teams or speakers in India which I find hard to believe. The most common argument i hear is that the quality of speakers from India is … Continue reading Agile India Conference – A wake up call for India

What is velocity?

Velocity can be termed as the run rate of the team . Agile teams use this metric to measure how much work was done in a sprint , so that we know how much more is left to actually make the reason. Let take a simple example . The team has ten stories whose total story point is 140. They pulled around 30 points of work this sprint . They finished 25 points. This 25 is their run rate. With this the team and product owner can product owner can project how many more sprints are needed to finish the … Continue reading What is velocity?